Terms and conditions


It is your responsibility to be in good health for and respect the advice/instruction given to you by the Evolution 2 professional, It is also your responsibility to have the specialist equipment required in order to take part in the activity reserved. (For any special/unusual cases, or if you are simply unsure, please contact us directly).


All of our professionals – instructors and guides – are all qualified in their respective fields.


The feasibility and thus actual occurrence of any reserved activity is dependent on the professional's judgement of the relevant weather and current snow cover conditions, as well as the ability level of his/her students (clients). There is a constant radio/telephone link between all of the professionals employed by Evolution 2 and the main Evolution 2 office.

Weather conditions:

Unless under the advisement of the Evolution 2 professional, changes in weather will not be accepted as a means to postpone or refund your reserved activity/activities.


None of the prices given for the proposed activities include insurance. We can, however, offer the choice to purchase the 'Assistance Evolution 2' cover; the only insurance option that comprehensively covers you 100% for any of the activities carried out under the supervision of the relevant Evolution 2 professional(s).

Reservations, Bookings and Payments:

We strongly advise that you reserve your activities in advance. Bookings can be taken in one of our sales offices, or via our central booking office before the start of your holiday, in accordance to our availabilities and acceptance of your request(s). If you wish to book your activity/activities less than 15 days before your holiday, please note that the only payment accepted will be by VAD (using your bank card details to debit the monies required in your absence). Your booking is considered confirmed upon payment. By booking with us, you are affirming that you have made yourself aware of, and agree to, our terms and conditions.


For all Full Day activities, if the cancellation request is received in correspondence to the following time frames, the respective monies will be due;

- Less than 15 days before the planned activity = 50% of the total.µ
- Less than 8 days before the planned activity = 100% of the total.

For all our Courses or Overnight stays, if the cancellation request is received in correspondence to the following time frames, the respective monies will be due;

- Less than 30 days before the planned activity/stay = 50% of the total.
- Less than 15 days before the planned activity/stay = 100% of the total.

- Any interruptions during, or non-participation of, the reserved activity because of an insufficient technical or physical ability will not be refunded. - In the event that the participant is unable to be present at the time/for the date reserved, no matter the reason, no refund will be offered. Upon presentation of a medical certificate, a document confirming proof of payment for your insurance claim can be provided. - No refund will be given in case of any activity being halted due to measures outside of our control, such as but not exclusive to ski lifts closing, extreme bad weather, third party security measured that must be complied with, etc. - Our professionals reserve the right to modify (with or without notice) any previewed activity program in accordance to relevant weather or safety conditions, without any of the participants being entitled to any compensation/refund. The schedule of activities can also be modified according to the opening and closing hours of any ski lifts used.